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Simmer-Down Sunday: Something Taxing This Way Comes


The Taxman Cometh

Let me tell you how 2022 will be!

One meme for you, nineteen for me?

Pssh, let’s not get meme-greedy now. This is Great Stuff — y’all know there are enough memes to go around! And around, and around, and around…

Besides, I’m not the taxman … just a messenger. And I think you already know what message I bring. That’s right: It’s time once again for your annual tax season reminder!

I’m going back to bed … for the rest of the year.

What? You thought those meme stock gains were over and done with once the ball dropped? Oh, nay nay. Not as far as you, me or Uncle Sam are concerned.

And me? Oh, I’m not concerned — tax season is “relax season” when you have asset protection expert Ted Bauman in your pocket.

Huh? How … where did you put Ted?!

What if we told you: There are many ways you could pay fewer taxes come April!

Ted Bauman outlines these sneaky — but 100% legal — tax tips inside a comprehensive report called Slash Your Taxes.

These tax tips are anything but ordinary … but they could help you keep more of your hard-earned money.

Click here now for the urgent details!

And if you think now is too early to start thinking about taxes … remember that the line between procrastination and prepping is the one you just scrolled over.

What does that even mean?

No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative. Gets the taxpayers going. Anyway, here are a few other meaty market morsels you might’ve missed this past week:

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Crypto Crashes … And A New Trader Cries

Cryptos may have had a curmudgeon-y start to the new year, but that hasn’t stopped Ian Dyer from calling a new top in this “Currency 2.0.”

The Only Game In Town  

Several catalysts will drive the legal sports betting market higher this year … spelling good news for degenerative gamblers and investors alike.

“I’m Making This Up As I Go”

Need the brass tacks on tax facts? Sit back and relax; here’s how to max out your stacks this April.

2022 Picks Part 1: Chips For The Dip

AMD is the current gold standard in processing power — “Intel inside” is out. AMD everywhere is in.

And in case you’re really, really behind on your reading, here’s a complete list of all the new Great Stuff Picks we added to our portfolio this past week:

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 2022 Picks Part 4: ChargePoint Counterpoint

On that note, enjoy the rest of your weekend, Great Ones! We’ll be back with you tomorrow to … well … do it all over again.

In the meantime, write to us whenever the market muse calls to you! is where you can reach us best.

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Until next time, stay Great!

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