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Paul’s America 2.0 Investing Approach


What is America 2.0?

It’s the greatest investing opportunity we will EVER see in our lifetimes.

Paul joined our friend Charles Mizrahi on his podcast to lay out his vision for this Fourth Industrial Revolution:

These two had such a fun time, they came back for more.

New episodes are coming! (Including how Paul convinced Charles to buy a Tesla…)

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Actions for 2022 Predictions

Profit-Strategy — Countdown to 2022! Mega trends are a go-to investing strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Here’s our “greatest hits list” of some of our top mega trends — and how you can invest.
What’s Your Top 2022 Prediction? To add to your New Year’s resolutions: Get pumped for 2022! Let me know which prediction you’re banking on next year.
You Made It! Now Get Ready for Gains. With 2021 in the rearview mirror, it’s time to get ready for the new year. And I have an important message to share with you.
Don’t Fear Volatility — Buy This Instead. We’re no stranger to volatility. In fact, it gave us our No. 1 Bold Profits mantra … and created a nation: Strong Hands. Here’s one trade to add if you’re not scared of volatility.
50,000 by Midnight. I’m talking about extending our Strong Hands Nation. I want to help more Main Street investors — you, your friends, family, neighbors, barber — make big investing $$. And I’ll need your help to hit that number. Click here.


Your Bold Profits Team

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