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Don’t Fear Volatility — Buy This Instead


We’re no stranger to volatility.

In fact, it gave us our No. 1 Bold Profits mantra … and created a nation: Strong Hands.

This year was a Strong Hands year.

We had many triple- and even quadruple-digit winners in our portfolios. We had losers too.

But in our experience, when we’re investing for the future — for the New Digital Gilded Age and America 2.0 — temporary volatility doesn’t seem so bad in the long run.

We hold our stocks for a minimum of one to three years.

And we’ve seen our America 2.0 trades skyrocket to all-time highs during a rebound.

Take Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA). In March 2020, it dipped 59% before soaring 1,167% in January 2021.

Or bitcoin. It plummeted 72% in March 2020. Then it made a rocket rebound up 1,524% in April 2021.

Many investors shy away from companies and incredible investment opportunities because of volatility.

Not us.

We want you to have absolutely huge wins by investing in growth and sectors that move quickly … but have quadruple-digit gain potential.

Hey, the sky is the limit. Paul even predicts one investment has nearly 6X potential… That 429% increase won’t happen overnight or without volatility.

But if you have Strong Hands, I would hold on with dear life (HODL) for a big win…

Bitcoin Buy Signals for Strong Hands

If you can have Strong Hands through tremendous price swings, you might want to take a look at cryptocurrencies.

Crypto is digital currency that allows transactions between parties without needing approval from a central authority.

Although there are many different cryptos out there, we see one leader to usher in America 2.0.

Bitcoin (BTC).

Bitcoin has several unique “buy” signals for the Bold Profits team:

There will only be 21 million bitcoins that will enter into existence. So unlike the U.S. dollar and many other government currencies, bitcoin is deflationary, whereas government currency is inflationary. This means that while governments continue to print money out of thin air, decreasing the value of your dollar, bitcoin will actually go up in value as demand for the coin will rise.
It’s a universal currency that is growing in adoption by many countries around the world. Many individuals, companies, and even governments realize the necessity of a decentralized currency and are accepting bitcoin and other forms of cryptos as a way of payment. El Salvador accepts BTC as legal tender now and Ian Dyer predicts three other countries will follow in its steps in 2022.
Bitcoin can be sent from person to person in a fast, secure and easy manner. You don’t have to go to a bank and set up a wire transfer that is expensive and can take several days. Instead, with a few clicks of a mouse or taps on your phone, you can send money all over the world.

Bitcoin is portable, durable, highly divisible, secure, scarce and decentralized.

With almost 90% of the total supply of bitcoin already out in circulation, bitcoin is becoming more and more scarce.

It’s also rapidly becoming adopted by the world.

The combination of these two factors will drive bitcoin flying by its previous all-time highs.

Action to Take for the Rise of Bitcoin

As of today, there are over 106 million people that own bitcoin and that number is only growing.

We believe bitcoin is an incredibly valuable asset that can boost your portfolio.

In fact, volatility creates a better buy-in price for bitcoin. It’s like it’s on sale.

Paul predicts bitcoin will reach $250K by June 2022. Ian is even more bullish with a $350K target.

If you want to ride the rise if these predictions unfold: Buy bitcoin (BTC).

Remember, bitcoin is extremely volatile so it is important to have Strong Hands if you decide to invest.

If you’re new to crypto investing, no worries.

We put together a special report to show you step-by-step how to trade — the Bold Profits way.

Check out your free report here.

We believe cryptos and bitcoin will completely reshape the new world.

That’s why we have exposure to these in many of our services: Profits Unlimited, Paul’s Secret Portfolio and True Momentum.

I’m not talking just bitcoin. But also, stocks that will benefit from its rise, producing additional opportunities for gains along the way.

For instance, there’s a technology behind bitcoin that makes it so secure and, in our opinion, a superior currency.

It’s called blockchain. And we want you to be able to get IN.

Right now, you can gain access to Paul’s blockchain stock recommendation and more!

Get all the details and start investing with the Strongest Hands — click here.

I’m so grateful you’ve welcomed me to the Bold Profits team this year, and I’m looking forward to making 2022 the best yet! Happy New Year!


Daniel Shifflett

Investment Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

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