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Captain Kirk, Space 2.0 & Your Gains


What was once his science fiction is now his reality.

“Captain James T. Kirk” William Shatner put the famous Star Trek motto into action:

“To boldly go where no man has gone before.”

He wasn’t the first to travel to the great final frontier, but he did boldly become the oldest man to fly to space at 90-years-old.

That’s America 2.0 for you — making the once impossible … real, better, profitable.

Shatner’s seat onboard the latest Blue Origin flight is bringing light to what we’ve been telling you all year.

Space is a mega trend you can’t miss.

It’s unfolding NOW and could be our biggest yet.

This is one more giant leap toward bringing the new space economy into the public eye. And our space stocks will be ready to potentially soar.

Here’s all we can tell you: INVEST in America 2.0’s final frontier — Space 2.0.

Beam me up! And check out this space presentation here to see details about the stocks we recommend.

MORE Mega Trends Set to Soar

America 2.0’s reach is HUGE — from space all across America.

Now is the time to get in early on some of the greatest stock market opportunities before they hit it big:

Chip Demand Is HOT! Get the Stocks. Semiconductor chips are an integral part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. And our everyday lives … working from home, smartphones, manufacturing, construction, cars.
3 Ways to Spot Blacklist Stocks to Sell. There are dozens of blue-chip companies and long-standing brands on the S&P 500 that people bought for years. Now, they are destined for ZERO. And they earn spots on the Blacklist.
Tesla Semis: 2X Options to Invest in Electric Trucking! Electric semi-trucks are coming! 100% battery electric Class 8 semis are set to rock the trucking industry and propel big rigs into an electrified America 2.0 world.
Your Crypto Buy for Dow 100K. In the race to 100K, bitcoin could be the winner — maybe even before year-end. Either way, position yourself now to profit in the race of America 2.0!
Crypto Flash Crash — What About BTC? Bitcoin hit amazing new highs. And then we saw a mini crypto flash crash… Has anything changed for BTC or the cryptoverse? Find out what’s to come for altcoins and BTC in America 2.0.


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