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BTC & ETH Year-End Calls + Metaverse Millionaires


The crypto market is gearing up for an end-of-year rally.

With bitcoin’s recent all-time highs and altcoins following close behind, Ian’s got his eyes on the future.

And the future is … the metaverse!

The combination of a virtual currency and a virtual world is a no-brainer.

That’s why we’re so #BOP (bullish, optimistic and positive) on crypto for 2021, 2022 and beyond!

To get ahead of these moves to position yourself for the potentially HUGE gains…

First, check out Ian’s crypto trading strategy here.

Then, get back over here and see how the metaverse could create the next millionaires, year-end predictions for bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) AND a 2022 sneak peek crypto forecast:

Amber Lancaster: Hello Bold Profits Nation. Welcome to Market Talk Monday on the Paul Mampilly YouTube channel, I am Amber Lancaster. Thank you for tuning in this week.

Today, Ian Dyer — Senior Investment Analyst and editor of Crypto Flash Trader and two other elite trading services — is here to share yearend Bitcoin and Ethereum performance predictions, as well as give us his take on metaverse tokens and how they’ve been coined by Nasdaq as “the next millionaire makers.”

Hello, Ian. Thank you for joining me today. Good to see you as always.

Ian Dyer: Hi. Thanks for having me.

Amber: If you are new to this channel, remember to click the subscribe button, give us a thumbs up if you like the content and you may visit us at to sign up for our free investment e-letter. Let’s get started.

Ian, as you know, we had our annual Bold Profits team meeting last week where all the analysts presented our 2022 bold investment predictions. By the way, I won’t publically give away what was shared just yet, but I can share with everyone that Paul, Patrick, Dan, you, and I will be on Market Talk in early December to share these predictions with our Bold Profits family.

So please stay tuned for this upcoming special 2022 prediction webcast. In our meeting, you presented some jaw-dropping crypto predictions for next year. For today, I’d like to get your yearend crypto forecast so investors have an idea where you think crypto is headed performance-wise through December 31.

What Is The Forecast For Bitcoin?

My first question to you: What is your yearend performance forecast for Bitcoin (BTC) through December 31? Will it continue to climb on short-term inflation fears as an alternative inflation hedge?

Ian: I think the inflation narrative is one that is drawing some demand. Any level of demand at this point is going to have an effect on price. My prediction for the end of the year for BTC is $100,000 per coin. The main basis for that is supply and demand.

Right now, more than 75% of the entire supply of BTC has not been touched for more than six months. It’s being held by strong hands right now for sure. A lot of people bought earlier this year and held through the big dip we had in the summer.

I think with any level of demand — and I think the demand will get a lot strong from here — there is going to be a big increase in the price just because of the supply crunch we are about to see.

Amber: Wow, 75% untouched. That’s something to consider.

What is Ethereum’s Forecast?

My second question to you: What is your yearend forecast for Ethereum (ETH)? I’d like to know if you see any catalysts to help push it higher by yearend.

Ian: ETH is in pretty much the exact situation as BTC. I think there’s a supply crunch coming very soon. Just like with BTC having 75% held for the past six months, ETH is now more than 80%. The supply is dwindling rapidly. I think demand is going to be on the rise over the next few months as people look toward 2022.

It’s a very optimistic year for crypto. I think it’s going to build up a lot of demand and we are going to see a supply crunch in ETH as well. My yearend price target for ETH is $8,000 per coin.

Amber: $8,000. You heard it here on Market Talk. We are going to change gears a little.

Where are Metaverse Platforms Headed?

For my third question, I am delving into the world of metaverse tokens. I have been reading about metaverse tokens and how they are considered by Nasdaq as the next “millionaire makers.”

For those who may not know, metaverse tokens are digital currency that is used in metaverse platforms by those users to buy or sell land or assets in the virtual world. They have performed quite well. Over the last year, some tokens are up more than 1,600%.

Some are trading on as many as 120 crypto exchanges. They are out there. I’d like to get your take on if this is true. Are they really the next millionaire makers? What’s your perspective on where they could be headed next?

Ian: It’s definitely something to watch. I do believe they are going to be millionaire makers and they already have been for this year. As you said, they have been on fire. The one that has caught a lot of attention is Axie Infinity. It’s a game. I would say the most popular theme for the metaverse at this point is gaming.

Axie Infinity is up more than 26,000% this year. There have been some crazy winners. We just had a gain of about 67% in less than a month in our Crypto Flash Trader service. So I am definitely happy about that. This is one of the main areas of the crypto market I am watching.

A lot of these coins are either making new highs or are very close to it, while a lot of other sectors of the crypto market are in a dip phase. This is one that’s staying strong and I think it has a bright future ahead of it.

Amber: I think that’s great to hear. To recap, we have a $100,000 prediction for BTC by yearend, $8,000 for ETH by yearend and a bright future ahead for metaverse tokens. If you’d like to hear more about metaverse tokens, I’m glad to hear Crypto Flash Trader is all over that and seeing some gains there.

Congratulations on that again, Ian.

Ian: Thank you.

Amber: Thank you for joining us this week. I appreciate seeing you as always.

Ian: You as well. Thanks again for having me.

Amber: Take care. Have a great day ahead. Thank you again to Ian for joining us today and sharing his crypto forecasts, as well as his metaverse token perspective. I would say Ian is truly all in on the cryptocurrency blockchain technology market.

In his Crypto Flash Trader service, he recommends traders, including metaverse tokens, aiming for healthy gains in the overall crypto market. To learn more about Ian’s crypto service and how to become a member, click the strong hands to get started.

Remember, you can follow Paul, Ian, and me on Twitter: @MampillyGuru, @IanDyerGuru, and @ALancasterGuru. Thank you for joining me today. Have a great week ahead. Until next time, take care.


Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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