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Biggest 3D-Printing Home Opportunity I’ve Ever Seen…


For decades, the women in my family were consummate real estate investors.

They had the foresight to know owning property and land was a fantastic way to a more secure future.

Back then, it was a major milestone every family worked toward.

A house.

My grandmother and my great-grandmother knew this and surmounted a legacy of owning multiple houses over their lifetime, which they then passed down to their children.

Today, I want to honor the family tradition … with a twist.

I’m going to tell you about the America 2.0 version — the NEW American dream. I’m not going to sell you a home, but I’ll tell you why it’s the perfect time to invest.

As you know, 3D-printing technology is transforming how we make things from food to medical breakthroughs.

But, it stands to make the most impact in housing.

Right now, we have a triad of catalysts that present a promising opportunity for 3D-printing home construction to shine.

A single catalyst can send a stock or mega trend soaring. Three is a big deal.

So come on in! This is a Bold Profits open house for the opportunity in the 3D printing New American Dream!

Catalyst No. 1 for the New American Dream Boom: A Housing Inventory Supply Crunch

The housing shortage in the U.S. has reached a deficit of about 5.5 million homes.

Where U.S. existing home sales are concerned, we have a 2.6-month supply.

That means it would take just 2.6 months to exhaust the supply of existing homes for sale.

A housing inventory supply of five and a half months is ideal for a robust and balanced housing market:

Catalyst No. 2 for the New American Dream Boom: Rising Rents

For the longest time, millennials turned to renting over buying to save money. That tide is turning.

It’s become expensive to rent:

Per’s 2021 Rent Report, more than 80% of states have seen an increase in monthly rent prices for both one- and two-bedroom apartments.

This increase makes renting less affordable.

Think millions of people spending more than 30% of their monthly income on rent … without the benefits of at least owning a home, building equity and subsequently generational wealth.

Catalyst No. 3 for the New American Dream Boom: Millennials and Generation Z

These two generations make up 139 million people.

They’re the largest generation in the history of the U.S. representing 42% of the total U.S. population:

And they are just hitting their prime spending years — building careers, getting married, starting families, having children, settling down and buying cars.

And most importantly starting their New American Dream — buying a home.

According to statistics from CoreLogic, in 2020 millennial homebuyers alone comprised more than half of the overall home-purchase applications, reaching an astounding 54%:

Meanwhile, a “hot off the press” survey by Rocket Homes Research found that of the 86.2% of gen z’ers who want to purchase a home, nearly 45% are looking to purchase their first home in the next five years:

Together these three catalysts create a huge housing opportunity. But this is America 2.0 and the NEW American dream — driven by technology.

3 Housing Catalysts + 3D Printing = Your Big Opportunity

Tech-savvy millennials and gen z’ers are fueling the America 2.0 Fourth Industrial Revolution by embracing new technologies.

With it comes new lifestyle and consumer trends that are remaking the economy and the world today.

And that’s where a big opportunity for 3D-printed home construction comes in.

According to Grand View Research, around the globe, the 3D-printing construction market size is expected to skyrocket!

Growing nearly 18,000% from just $7.1 million in 2020 to $1.28 billion by 2028, this market is projected to grow at an eye-popping compound annual growth rate of 91.5%:

3D-printing home construction has great potential to be industry changing.

Constructed mostly with concrete, mortar and synthetic polymers, 3D-printed homes are recognized as being sturdy and resilient.

Since they are constructed using high-tech 3D printers, they can be constructed quickly, sometimes in as little as seven days.

One Texas-based 3D-printing construction company has already secured millions in funding to help develop major 3D-printed construction projects in the U.S.

They’ve already built an entire street of 3D-printed homes in Austin, Texas:

And trust me, there will be more to come.

3D printing is the solution and future of home construction.

To surmount the hurdle of the five and a half million U.S. home shortage and tens of millions of U.S. millennials and gen z’ers securing their dream of home ownership … 3D-printing home construction is the answer.

Buy Your Slice of the 3D Printing New American Dream

To be part of the next generation home construction movement, here are two actions you can take:

Buy shares in The 3D Printing ETF (BATS: PRNT). This ETF tracks publicly traded companies steeped in the 3D-printing industry.
Get Paul’s 3D-printing stock recommendations that are remaking America. His predictions for this tech go far beyond the New American Dream. We’re talking about manufacturing the Fourth Industrial Revolution! See the full story here.

A new paradigm in home construction is upon us. Make sure to stake your claim in an America 2.0 future.

Until next time,

Amber Lancaster
Director of Investment Research, Banyan Hill Publishing

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