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3D-Printed Vaccine: New Catalyst for Stocks


Hate needles? You’re going to love this.

Bioengineers have just developed a new 3D-printed vaccine patch.

No stick. No pain. All gain.

It begs the question: Is there anything 3D printing CAN’T do, when it comes to modernizing medicine?

You already know my answer: nope.

That’s why 3D printing is one of the top technologies on our list when it comes to investing in America 2.0 mega medical trends.

It’s driving new ways of helping and healing our outdated health care system.

3D-printed drugs…

3D-printed bones and joints.

Even 3D-printed organs…

They’re all remaking one-size-fits-all medicine with better, cheaper and more effective ways to keep us healthy and treat illness.

But it’s more than just a revolution of medicine — 3D printing is also making Bold Profits investors healthy profits.

For example, one of our open model portfolio positions for 3D printing is up around 200% since Paul Mampilly recommended it in January 2020.

This latest breakthrough?

Well, that means it’s not too late for you to profit from 3D printing’s rise to the top.

Making Money With Mega Medical Miracles

The latest 3D-printing medical marvel will forever change the way vaccines are given — for the better.

The new vaccine patch contains 3D-printed microneedles on a finger-tip-sized polymer square — just big enough to deliver vaccines under the skin but so tiny you can’t feel them.

Not only is the patch a no-pain, all-gain alternative to needle shots, but tests also showed the 3D-printed vaccine provoked an immune-system response that was 50 times greater than the typical injection delivered under the skin.

How big is the market for a newfangled 3D-printed needle-free vaccine? In a word: massive.

About six and a half billion COVID-19 vaccines have been delivered globally. And each year, nearly one and a half billion flu shots are administered by doctors around the world.

And that’s just two of the hundreds of types of vaccines at the heart of modern medicine.

Also worth keeping in mind: 3D-printed vaccine patches are just one way the technology is changing health care.

It’s also transforming a host of other industries — from auto manufacturing to aviation to clothing and even fast food (3D-printed Happy Meals anyone?)

The global 3D-printing market is just taking off, with projections that it will reach $21 billion this year — five times what it was in 2013 — and exceed $40 billion by 2024.

So, what’s the best way for you to invest in this promising new technology and profit from its rise over the coming years?

Buy 3D-Printing Stocks

We are laser-focused on America 2.0 mega trends, like 3D printing, across ALL of our investment research services.

So one way to capitalize on this trend is to tap into the recommendations that the Bold Profits team recommends for your portfolio.

Yesterday, Amber revealed that a supply crunch is creating one of the most bullish scenarios for 3D printing that we’ve ever seen.

She recommended an exchange-traded fund for the 3D-printing boom: the 3D-Printing ETF (BATS: PRNT).

With this one ETF, you can get great exposure to dozens of 3D-printing companies. PRNT is up nearly 50% since October 2020.

But here’s another way…

One North Carolina stock is at the forefront of 3D printing that’s reviving the American industry.

And that’s incredible … because the world’s richest men are in the race as well.

Elon Musk is investing billions to revolutionize Tesla and SpaceX.

Richard Branson is using it to advance Virgin Galactic.

And Jeff Bezos is selling billions of Amazon stock to help finance this opportunity.

They’re all using this technology to make their biggest innovations…

And make them right here in America. You can click here for the full story and see how to unlock Paul’s 3D-printing stock (up 200% in under two years).

With the new breakthroughs I’m seeing every day — like the new 3D-printed vaccine patch this month — I believe this is only the beginning.

To your health and wealth,

Nick Tate

Senior Editorial Manager, Banyan Hill Publishing

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